Hello everyone,

Welcome to How To Catch Lots of Fish. Fishing is my hobby and I am here to share what I know with others throughout my years of fishing. I have started from hand-line to rod and reels and now, I am back to fishing with hand-line again. Why you may ask, well I guess we change with time and who we meet along the way that may influence the way we think and fish. Although my choice of tackle is hand-line, it’s not effective or practical for  every place that I fished. The point is, be flexible and learn how to adapt.

Although I have had luck using lures, I prefer to fish with bait, preferably live bait caught from the area where I fish. Throughout my years of fishing, they actually do make a difference. The fishes in that area where you fish always seem to have a preference for bait caught from the same area. Perhaps it’s the fishes familiarity to the bait offered to them, the smell, the sight…

It’s my believe there are plenty of fish out to go around for anglers alike, I wouldn’t say so for the commercial fishermen though but then again, there’s vast amount of water on earth that has not been explored yet and so there’s plenty to discover.

I do both saltwater and freshwater but I have my preference for saltwater though because I live close by the sea so… Both kind of fishes are similar yet different.
Our aim when we go out fishing is always fill with anticipation, hoping to catch that big one, or the plentiful catch so that we can come back to share our stories with everyone.
We arm ourselves with your equipment and knowledge, looking at the moon phase, the tide, the time, the weather to ensure that we are well prepared for that fishing trip that would be different from the rest.

Sometimes we return with a good catch and good story, sometimes with none.
We often leave that to lady luck, telling ourselves that sometimes we are lucky, sometimes we aren’t. Or excuses that the fishes weren’t eating that day, or our usual spot must have been overfished, no bites today.

Some points to take note for those who are new or may have experience fishing a long time but have never taken note of the points listed below here.


  • Spots where you fished
  • Tide
  • Current
  • Time
  • Wind factor
  • Last but not least, the weather

The above plays a part on your catch and you may not have noticed that or keep a record. Make it a point to do that and you may start noticing something. Anyway, I will elaborate on the points above as I go along.

If you happened to chanced upon a good spot and managed to catch a lot of fish a few times round and noticed the number of your catch seems to be dwindling as time goes by and wondering if the spot has been over-fished? Depending on nature of the spot and if there’s any Fish Attracting Device (FAD) in that location, chances are it won’t be unless it has been trawled by commercial fishermen. They leave behind a path of destruction! If only anglers are fishing that spot, it’s not likely to be.

From my point of view, nature has its way of preservation and there are 2 sides to the coin. The more one species have in numbers, the lesser they reproduce and the lesser they have in numbers, they will try to reproduce in numbers for their lack of it

I guess the next question would be, do I practise catch and release? The answer is both yes and no. I keep what I like to eat and release others that I don’t.
In some countries, there’s no catch or size limit. I encourage you to practice catch and release for the trophy fish, for fishes that you have no intention of eating. Take your pictures and let them live to fight another day.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
Tight lines and I hope you catch lots of fish from now onwards! Good Luck!